Goodbye CW8888 & Eulogy [Update on 12-Apr-2023]
By Derek  •  April 9, 2023
It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to a fellow financial blogger, CreateWealth8888 or Jacob. I have known CW8888 since 2008 - that's almost 15 years ago long before the emergence of FinFluencers, FIRE or 1M65.  I remember being a young man in my 20s trying to find his way around the world of finance and there came along this 'Uncle' who talked about how he put his children through university while planning for his retirement. Being the  typical middle income heartlander, I found it easy to relate to his articles. There are no fancy investing  thesis, complicated jargons or mind-boggling ideas, just plain hard work and steadfast investing. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and although short, it help shaped my financial journey. I will miss his articles and who can forget his infamous 'panadols'.


A funeral wake will be held from Sunday 9 Apr to Wednesday 12 Apr at the following location: Blk 413 Hougang Ave 10 Singapore 530413 Family and friends are kindly invited to attend. From his daughter (Contact for further details)

Update on 12-Apr-2023 Thanks La papillion for sharing more wonderful stories of Jacob written by others. If any readers come across any that is not listed here, please drop me a message. Update on 11-Apr-2023 I attended Jacob's wake yesterday and had a brief chat with his family members. They were surprised on the impact that he has had and shared that the first reader turned up within an hour of his daughter's blog post. I told his daughter that when things are more settled, to read the comments posted and I will also be sharing with her all the wonderful stories that people have written about his dad.
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By Derek
Derek is an investor who follows Peter Lynch style of investing. He prefers to use simple and straight forward information for stock analysis. He started with the intention to bring together all bloggers and professionals who are interested or already in the area of Finance and Investing, and to create a community where everyone is free to write and to share their articles, experience and opinions.

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One response to “Goodbye CW8888 & Eulogy [Update on 12-Apr-2023]”

  1. Jes says:

    Sad, he was one of the nicest uncle!

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