Redeemed Singapore Savings Bonds (SBAPR19 GX19040X)
By Live Rich Life Free  •  May 4, 2023


For the very first time, I redeemed an old Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) which I subscribed in Mar 2019. 

This capital recycling act costs $2. I should be able to get back my funds of $10k, together with pro-rated accrued interest before 2 June 2023.

There it goes.

The April 19 tranche of SSB has only an average yield of 2.16% over 10 years. It is running in the fifth year now yielding 2.12% p.a which seems attractive in 2018 but very low in today's high interest environment.

Thus it is a no-brainer to get rid of it for the June 23 tranche which yields an average of 2.81% over 10 years.

This June 2023 tranche is also not very appealing considering that other low to risk-free alternatives such as T Bills and bank fixed deposits easily yield more than 3.5% currently.

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By Live Rich Life Free
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