Rumours of an Alibaba Segment Spining Off via IPO. What’s new!?
By Investmoolah  •  May 4, 2023

Again there are news of Alibaba preparing to spinoff one of its new business arms.

Share prices have moved up pre market again

Is there any new news?

Truthfully, this is not a new news to me, Alibaba has already said that it is restructuring so that each of its new 6 arms are able to individually manage itself or even spin off. THIS HAS BEEN SAID SINCE MARCH 2023!

As investors (long term ones), its simply due to us doing the maths of evaluating the worth of each of the segment and then buying to hold.

For me, Alibaba is a worth while investment as long as it is below $160, till then I will just be holding on to my 16,460 Alibaba HK shares and wait for the target price to be met.

Should I have adequate money after buffering for my monthly financial expenses, I will add

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By Investmoolah
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