Is HDB Building In Secret?
By Stacked Homes  •  May 14, 2023
I’m referring to the cluster of 984 flats about to be built in Sin Ming. It was originally seen on Reddit when someone spotted the construction signage and posted pictures.  Now part of me thinks HDB should either (1) tell the sites to keep things under wraps, or (2) ensure they inform the public before Reddit. But another part of me thinks this can be kind of fun: if HDB just secrets upcoming new sites for us to find, like Easter Eggs.  Find the secret site, write your name on the hidden list, and get an extra ballot chance!  (That was a joke. Let’s not do that. Young Singaporean couples would tear up half the country looking for them within minutes).  But seriously, what’s important here is that it seems HDB is now building ahead of time. As we’ve often said, it’s time to end or at least modify the old Built-To-Order system. This method, which requires sufficient expression of interest before...
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By Stacked Homes
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