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Sasseur REIT Review @ 22 May 2023
By REIT-TIREMENT  •  May 22, 2023
Basic Profile & Key Statistics Main Sector(s): RetailCountry(s) with Assets: ChinaNo. of Properties (exclude development/associate/fund): 4 Key Indicators Performance Highlight EMA rental income in RMB increased YoY, however, in terms of SGD, both EMA rental income and distributable income declined YoY due to a weaker exchange of RMB against SGD. DPU on the other hand, increased YoY due to a lower amount retained. Sales Sales for all 4 outlets have improved YoY due to the re-opening of the economy. The 1Q 2023 sales has surpassed the pre-COVID 1Q 2019 level. Asset Enhancement Initiative Upgrading of the VIP Lounge at Chongqing Liangjiang Outlet has been completed. Related Parties Shareholding REIT Sponsor's Shareholding: Above median by 20% or moreREIT Manager's Shareholding: Above median by 20% or moreDirectors of REIT Manager's Shareholding: Above median by 20% or more Lease Profile Occupancy: ± 5% from medianIncome in SGD/Major Currencies: All income is received in RMBWALE: Below median by 20% or moreHighest Lease...
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I am Vince and welcome to my blog. I started this blog on 1st January 2019. Since the start of my investment journey, I have been fond of REITs because of its dividends. REITs allowed you to become a property landlord and get rental income without having to fork out large sum of initial capital, look out for tenant as well as manage the properties ...

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