Common Insurance Mistakes That Most Singaporeans Make
By Singapore's Budget Babe  •  May 24, 2023
How many of these are you guilty of? The first mistake is often observed among young working adults and singles, as most of us tend to think we are invincible at that age and life stage (some risks only become more visibly obvious as we grow older). The opposite also happens, often to parents (who are overly kiasu about their kids) or those who felt pressured into buying plans to support their friends in the line. The third happens when you don’t review your financial portfolio on a regular basis. This was me just a few months ago, when I realised I had been unknowingly paying (via GIRO) for a rewards membership programme despite not having used it since becoming pregnant in 2018. But more worryingly, I find that most people are guilty of the final mistake on the list, where they have various insurance policies but none (or too few) covers their highest-probability events....
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By Singapore's Budget Babe
Budget Babe is an ordinary lady striving to achieve financial freedom in Singapore before the age of 45. She is always looking for cost-effective ways to live a fulfilling life in amidst Singapore's rising costs, and writes in order to empower fellow Singaporeans on taking charge of their own lives and finances. The final goal is to eventually break free from the competitive rat race. Will I meet you there? ...

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