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Grab Singapore vs Airasia Dine-in Services: Promotions, Discounts, Cuisines & More
By Seedly  •  June 7, 2023
The term ‘Super-app’ is used when we are describing an application that combines multiple services and features into a single platform. Essentially, it goes beyond the traditional concept of a standalone app by integrating various functions and services, allowing users to access a wide range of features within a single application. What’s the first app that comes to your mind? Mine is, Grab. From ride-hailing to food delivery, Grab is now a super-app that offers transportation, food delivery, shopping, financial services, entertainment, travel, and more. With a full suite of services under its belt, on 1 June 2023, the company further introduced its new Dine-in BETA services, offering its users dining vouchers at discounted rates! Just days after, AirAsia also launched a dine-in feature on its travel super-app that offers travel-related services from booking of flights to accommodations, to insurance, shopping and transportation. What are the similarities and differences...
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By Seedly
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