Yangzijiang Financial (YZJ Finance): Review of its Full Year Results
By Investmoolah  •  June 7, 2023

 A year ago, I initiated coverage of YZJ Finance, a spin off from the shipbuilding company. In a sentence, it is a company holding a portfolio of investments across bonds, shares and loans. Its current investments are mainly in China and some in Singapore.


Investment Portfoilo of $4.1 billion earning $300 million in income (7.5% returns)Market Cap is only $1.35 billion means market is valuing it at one third its investment valueCompany can do share buyback as it is lowly valued and has the cash resources but is doing it very slowly

Below is my review of the latest full year financial results. For full reference of the financial health, performance and outlook of the company, please refer to its presentation which i find is comprehensive. 

What Makes up YZJ Finance $4.1 Billion Portfoilo?

The infographics done by YZJ Finance is clear. The elephant in
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By Investmoolah
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