Wow Sembcorp Ind at $5.50!
By Financial Stewardship  •  June 9, 2023

Finally Sembcorp Industries (SCI) is at its 10 year highs of $5.50, an incredible strong run over the past 2-3 years from a government linked company. It's almost unimaginable that such a blue chip stock, would have a price increase that is only typically seen in a much smaller size growth enterprise

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With price levels above $5, various research houses have been busy evaluating again what should be the real target price of SCI moving forward. I have been steadily taking profit at my long time investment and unfortunately only have a small position left, as I did not purchase much during the distressed price in 2020

While it is true that SCI have divested the cyclical business of Sembcorp Marine (SMM) for the better, such a phenomenal price rise still seems too
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By Financial Stewardship

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