SSB – SBOCT23 GX23100T This month – 3.16%! Buy or bye?
By Careyourpresent  •  September 5, 2023
As predicted in my article on SSB posted on 28 Aug 2023 (Update to Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB) SBSEP23 GX23090F), this month bond is indeed slightly higher than last month, the average is 3.16% for 10 years. One key point to highlight is that the amount offered this time is S$800 millions, which is S$200 millions higher than last month. Maybe MAS thinks more people would applied this month since rate is higher? My SSB Bond Ladders Personally, I have also managed to get everything what I have wanted for last month (see: Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB) – SBSEP23 GX23090F application outcome) and replenish my bond ladders. I almost reach the limit of 200k but not yet. I am more inclined for opportunities in market rather than SSB, since I have lots of SSB now. Additionally, short term rate in Money Market Funds, or high saving accounts like Esaver, CIMB FastSaver, OCBC360, UOBOne are already giving me 3.5% to 5% in the short...
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By Careyourpresent
My name is Edmond Ng and I am 39 years old in year 2022. I am the founder of Careyourpresent site. I am a believer of Caring your Present and treasuring your time with your love ones. Most of the time we are busy with work, spending your precious time pursuing something which you don’t like but have to do in order to earn a living. Hence, please Love and Care for your PRESENT!

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