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My dad did not do his CPF nomination
By Value Warrior  •  September 5, 2023
It has been a long while since I last posted. My wife had just given birth to Number 3 and that had kept me pretty busy. Also my dad had recently passed away and hence this post. My dad did not do his CPF nomination before he passed. Despite that, instead of the 6 months plus we were expecting, we got his CPF payout in less than 2 months. We do have to make an online “Administration of CPF / Baby Bonus / Edusave / PSEA Monies” at to speed up the distribution process. There are some documents like Birth certificate etc. that you will need to fill up the online application. You can read more about it HERE We took around 30 minutes to fill everything up once we got all the required documentations and we got the payout about a week after submission. We are all pleasantly surprised that the CPF distribution is quite fast and convenient even though no...
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By Value Warrior
A regular working Joe starting out his value investing journey. I started my investment journey late at the age of 34. Looking back i wish i had started earlier so that power of compounding can work its magic. Nevertheless a good time to start investing is always NOW!!! So here i am having started this journey, i planned to reach Financial independence at age 65. Wish me luck.

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