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Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed vs StashAway Simple Guaranteed: Risks, Returns and More
By Seedly  •  September 8, 2023
First, there were Insurance Savings Plans. And then came along Cash Management Accounts. Now, we have another new kid on the block with Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed and StashAway Simple Guaranteed currently offering guaranteed returns of 3.5 per cent to 3.7 per cent p.a.: Guaranteed Cash Management Portfolios But what’s with them product names having “guaranteed” in their names? Are they really? chandler really Source: Giphy Here’s all you need to know about cash management portfolios from Syfe and StashAway!

TL;DR: Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed vs StashAway Simple Guaranteed – Risks, Returns and More

 Syfe Cash+ GuaranteedStashAway Simple Guaranteed
Returns (p.a.)3.7%3.5%
Lock-in period3 months6 months
Minimum Investment AmountNone$1
LiquidityNone (Withdrawal only at end of term)
InsuranceNo SDIC coverage on an individual level.

Up to $75k SDIC coverage applies
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By Seedly
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