Debunking Property Myths: How Much Does A “Bad” Condo View Really Cost You?
By Stacked Homes  •  September 18, 2023
When it comes to property investments, certain preconceived notions often dictate our decisions, even before we delve deep into the details. One such popular belief revolves around properties facing undesirable landmarks, like the power station, or the internal substation, and their potential impact on investment returns. Tell an investor that a property with such a view fetches lower gains, and they’ll likely nod in agreement. Such assumptions, rooted deeply in our collective psyche, often go unchallenged.

However, how often do we actually pause to dissect these beliefs? Is the potential negative impact of a poor facing genuinely significant, or could the discounted initial price tag compensate for any future drawbacks? To answer this, we examined several units, aiming to quantify the real implications of this widely accepted notion.

Stacks with less-than-ideal views

We picked out some specific condo stacks with units facing the power station. These condos were chosen

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By Stacked Homes
The Stacked Homes editorial began in February 2017 to provide the latest news and analysis on property in Singapore.

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