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Frasers Logistics and Commercial Trust (SGX: BUOU): 2023 Third Quarter Business Update
By ViresInSolitudine  •  September 18, 2023

On 1 August 2023, Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust (“FLCT”) have announced their third quarter business update for FY2023. There is no DPU update this quarter, and the other metrics have not changed significantly. Overall FLCT remained well positioned in the high interest rate environment.

For these few months, it would seem that the Australian Dollar (“AUD”) and Singapore Dollar (“SGD”) relationship have stabilised. Therefore it is unlikely to be a high risk, though the full financial year results that will be released next quarter might still show an impact of a weakening AUD due to the financial performance from the earlier quarters.

Website: General Announcement::Business Updates For The Third Quarter Ended 30 June 2023 Photo source:


FLCT is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) with a portfolio comprising logistic, industrial and commercial properties diversified across five developed countries – Australia, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom

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By ViresInSolitudine
I am an ex-auditor. I tend to adopt a more skeptical view and downplay what Companies like to project themselves as.

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