Maximizing Your Annual Investment: Strategies to Grow Your Money for Retirement
By Data Science Investor  •  November 19, 2023
For any financially savvy person, managing an annual investment plan is key. Beyond putting aside funds for mortgage, living needs, and other expenditures, there should ideally be a sum of money that you could set aside for investment purposes annually. Hence, this post will be about what I do on an annual basis with this sum of money. Please take note that the plan is purely based on my investment objectives and needs. Some might not agree with my choices, and that is perfectly fine too. This is not meant to be the gospel truth. It's important to understand that everyone has a different balance towards their mid term and long term investment objectives. This balance will affect how they prioritise their investment choices. So here's my plan (in order of precedence). 1) Put the full sum of $15,300 into SRS and invest them Obviously, a key advantage of putting...
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By Data Science Investor
This is a site to publish my findings and research which are based on data science to aid you in your decision making process for investments in stocks and property, particularly in the Singapore market.

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