SSB February 2024 Result – Singapore Savings Bonds Undersubscribed 0.2x
By Turtle Investor  •  January 29, 2024
With interest rates that aren’t as appealing (1Y:2.72%/10Y:2.81%) as previous months, the SSB February 2024 issue experienced significant under-subscription with a lukewarm response from yield hunters. Only $182.8 million (0.2x) worth of applications were received out of the total $900 million available for allocation. Table of Contents SSB Trend As Of February 2024 The Singapore Savings Bonds SSB historical interest rate has been really attractive for the past year.
  • First-year interest: Lowest 2.76% vs. Highest 3.30%
  • Average ten-year returns: Lowest 2.82% vs. Highest 3.40%
As of today, the yield for the next issue of SSB (March 2024) is expected...
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By Turtle Investor
Hello there! I am Kevin and the author behind the Turtle Investor blog. At age 37, I hit CPF Full Retirement Sum (FRS) of $176,000 on the last day of 2019, twelve years after graduating from university. I am married and owns a 4-room apartment. I continue to be gainfully employed to build up my portfolio and provide my loved ones with better lives. Leaving everything behind and transitioning to a digital nomad life in Bali remains an option but not something that I’m actively pursuing now 🙂

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