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CapLand China Trust – 2nd Half results is out, dpu is down 11.8 percent to 3 cents versus 3.4 cents last year! Gearing 41.5 percent!
By Singapore Stocks Sharing  •  January 30, 2024
posts 5.3% YoY  growth in net property income for FY 2023, boosted by contribution uplift in 2H 2023 — 2H 2023 NPI grew by 10.5% YoY — FY 2023 distributable income of S$113.9m (down 9.4%) and DPU of 6.74 cents (down 10.1%), impacted by foreign currency translation arising from SGD strength against the RMB as well as higher interest expense. — gearing 41.5-%, with no refinancing needed till 2025 — ave cost of debt 3.57% with 82% debts on fixed. NaV 1.21. Yield is about 8.1% at 83 cents. Results is not good! Pls dyodd....
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By Singapore Stocks Sharing
All information is just for sharing on or (Trade/Invest base on your own decision). Thank You! For trading, be firmed in executing your stop loss strategy. Also don’t be too eager to take profit to early. Let your profit run. For Investing it is good to read up and educate yourself to know the basic financial analysis. Learn how to identify good company to invest . Pick those company/counter that you are familiar with their business.

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