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CPF account is recovering almost $700K. Thoughts.
By A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI)  •  January 30, 2024
Regular readers know that I strongly believe in the CPF system. I believe that it is a good habit to sock away some money consistently. In other words, I believe in saving money. We never know what could go wrong in life and having some savings, substantial savings, is really comforting. Of course, I also say that we should put our money to work. We don't want to spend our life working for money. We want our money to work so that we can enjoy our life more. So, parking our money in the CPF in an environment of lower interest made good sense as it paid much higher interest rates. However, in an environment of higher interest rates, to be fair, 2.5% p.a. is pretty decent too. Still, we would like to have higher returns where possible from instruments with the same risk profile.  ...
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By A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI)
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