How to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum in Singapore? Will I buy more Bitcoin or Ethereum today? (as a Singapore Investor in 2024)
By Financial Horse  •  March 3, 2024
For those who haven’t been following Bitcoin (or crypto in general). Bitcoin’s price has been doing pretty well of late, both in the runup to the spot ETF approval, and especially after the ETF approval. This week alone, Bitcoin jumped from $52,000 to as high as $64,000 at one point. Unlike the previous 2021 cycle though, retail mania around Bitcoin (or crypto) seems pretty muted so far. This is interesting because it suggests that if things really get crazy, there could be more room to run for Bitcoin. So I decided to do this article to discuss 2 questions:
  1. Would I buy more Bitcoin or Ethereum today?
  2. How to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum in Singapore?
  What is the bull case for Bitcoin / Ethereum (or crypto in general)? In my recent article on Top 3 Growth Stocks to buy in 2024. I listed Bitcoin / Ethereum as one of the 3 big thematic plays in 2024. The logic here, is that Bitcoin has proven itself to be the ultimate vehicle...
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By Financial Horse
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