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By Financial Horse  •  March 3, 2024
Rounding up top investing articles from around the web, including articles shared on Twitter. Singapore’s total fertility rate hits record low in 2023, falls below 1 for first time (Straits Times) A TFR of 0.97 places Singapore among those countries with the lowest birth rates globally, with South Korea topping the list with a TFR of 0.72 in 2023. Singapore’s fertility rate is well below the replacement rate of 2.1 – the level of fertility at which the population replaces itself from one generation to the next. Malaysians struggle with weak ringgit, cancel overseas holidays (Straits Times) With such a weak currency – it was trading at US$4.77 on Feb 28 – they said the upcoming Ramadan and Hari Raya celebration would be a challenge. The increase in the sales and services tax (SST) to 8 per cent from 6 per cent will also make things worse. S’pore’s fiscal system is fair; those with greater needs get more than they pay in taxes: DPM Wong (Straits Times)...
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By Financial Horse
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