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PSEA Account: Interest Rates, Top Ups, How To Check Balances, and More!
By Singapore Financial Planners  •  April 1, 2024
Embarking on the journey of post-secondary education in Singapore can feel like setting sail on uncharted waters. Having navigated these waters myself, from the anxious moments of planning my education to the exhilarating experience of going on an exchange programme, I’ve come to appreciate the lifeline that is the Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) Scheme. It’s a unique Singaporean privilege that many of us might not fully understand or utilise to its maximum potential. Did you know, for instance, that not using your PSEA funds wisely could mean missing out on a wealth of educational opportunities, akin to leaving money on the table? In this post, you’ll discover: The essentials of what the PSEA account is and its benefits. How to check your PSEA account balance and make the most out of the funds. The possibilities it opens up, including using it for exchange programmes. Practical steps on how
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By Singapore Financial Planners
We believe in the power of financial literacy. It’s unfortunate that schools do not provide crucial life lessons like financial planning. Thus, we created Singapore Financial Planners to create a space where we provide financial education so that you can make an informed decision.

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