IPO Application History

By: Derek Lim

IPO is now like a 4D or Toto draw except that your chances are higher. If you are lucky, you will earn some ‘kopi’ money and if you don’t, you waste your $1 (or $2 if you are applying via DBS). In here, I will post the history of my IPO applications.

Date: 4 July 2007
Company: China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd
Price: S$0.39
Placement: 115,000,000
Public: 5,000,000
No. of shares applied: NIL
Placement to Public ratio: 23:1
Results: NA

Balloting Results:

Date: 19 June 2007
Company: China XLX Fertiliser
Price: S$0.77
Placement: 256,880,000
Public: 6,000,000
No. of shares applied: 10,000
Placement to Public ratio: 42.81:1
Results: Unsuccessful

Balloting Results:

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