Dear Mr. Tan,

I bought a critical illness cover for my wife two years ago. Recently, she felt some pain on her breast and saw a doctor at the polyclinic. The doctor examined her and refererred her to Tan Tock Seng for further examination. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

At the polyclinic, she told the doctor that she did a mammogram more than ten years ago. It showed a lumpy breast but The doctor at that time said that there was no need for repeat consultation. I called the clinic where she did her mammogram but was told that they could not find her previous record. My wife has all along been in good health until this unforseen illiness was detected last year.

The insurance company denied her claim becuase she did not disclosed the breast lump in her declaration form. There is no record on this matter except for her verbal conversation with the doctor at the polyclinic. Can the insurance company deny the claim? Please advise.

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