Photo by jimpg2

Photo by jimpg2

You’ve heard of the saying, “You reap what you sow” and it rings true for the journey towards financial freedom too! If you want to blossom like a flower towards financial freedom, you can consider doing what flowers have been doing for millenia to survive and thrive Darwinian style.

Flowers are used by many plants to propagate themselves by attracting insects to them to help move their pollen. In our quest towards financial freedom, the greatest asset that we have is ourselves.

Let Panzer show you the way of the blossoming flower towards financial freedom.
1. Plant that seed

The portion between your left and right ears contains your thoughts, your mindset and your goals. When you open up your mind to positive influences that help you learn more about living within your means, savings and investments, growing and protecting your means, you are fertilising your mind with ideas, thoughts and views that help you move closer to financial freedom.

To first plant the seed of financial freedom within yourself, you need to set goals. Not fluffy, intangible, “I want to be rich” type of goals but specific, measurable and timely goals, “I want to have a net worth of $xxx,xxx by age xx or in xx years’ time,” type of goals. Read more…