Iconic major shareholder holds the upper hand

Photo from Level13 blog
Photo from Level13 blog

On 11 March, major shareholder, Tong Jun Kian, announced a mandatory unconditional cash offer for all issued shares of Iconic Holdings (IHL) after having acquired an additional 10.21% stake from Akzo Nobel Coatings via a married deal, increasing his total shareholding interest, together with the relevant persons, in Iconic to 57.12%. The shares are being offered at $0.10, an approximate 20% discount to $0.125, the last transacted price on 9 March.

As of March, there are 111,806,820 shares in issue. Effectively, Mr Tong has valued the company at $11.18 million. For this takeover, he just need to pay $4.8 million for the 42.8% stake which he do not own. IHL is currently a shell company because it completed the sale of its surface coatings business to The Sherwin-Williams Company in July 2008.

With the disposal, IHL does not have a core business. Its remaining operating business comprises principally the sale and distribution of adhesives and chemicals carried out by its subsidiary, Hernon (Asia) Pte Ltd. Based on the HY2008 Announcement, the IHL Group’s assets comprise substantially of cash as at 31 December 2008. In order to continue its listing status, IHL has 12 months from the disposal of its core business (which was on 31 July 2008) to acquire a new business. Read more…

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