Photo by conorwithonen

Photo by conorwithonen

This post is related to the last one regarding probabilities and payoff and how we should bet.

We often hear about people betting their life savings of $100k on the next property of say $500k, hoping for that 20% rise before TOP and make $100k return (with a capital base of $100k). Lets see how this works in that matrix thingy we used in the previous post:

Let’s give the benefit of doubt and say this guy has 70% chance of making $100k, he has read the property market well, the cycle is turning, the stars are aligned. However, again in life, since nothing is 100% one, we have to think that he also has a 30% downside whereby he will lose $250k (ppty of $500k goes down by $100k, mortgage $130k, legal fees $20k all add up to $250k)

Probability payoff
0.3 -250k -75k
0.7 100k 70k
Expected return -5k

Now we see that the expected return is negative. Even if we tweak the no.s here and there, which I did, the expected return is not high. You can probably get to expected return of $80k – which is good if you use $100k as the base. But in reality the base is $500k, bcos the guy borrowed $400k from the bank. So you risked a life of perpetual debt for $80k, is it worth it? Read more…