Photo by seier+seier+seier

Photo by seier+seier+seier

Had a nice chat with Suan Wei today regarding telcos in Singapore and did some reading up on Verizon, At&T, China Mobile, Vodafone and NTT Docomo’s annual report.

I would like to have this article as  a point of reference for my current view of the future of the 3 telcos.

This is a build on to my Guide on Dividend Investing in Singapore telcos.

i would really like to say that telecom stocks are a good and sustainable business but sadly its got alot of bad economics working against it.

imo currently our most prevalent plan is 40 dollars give u 100 outgoing minues + 500 sms.

the latest data plan gives you 40 dollars => 100 outgoing minutes + 500 sms + 12GB data

in the near future, mobile msging, email and voip will be the main form of communication. it is very possible for the 3 telcos to give unlimited outgoing calls since under the new infra the cost to transmit voice is really low. Read more…