Photo by kwerfeldein

Photo by kwerfeldein

Successful stock investing starts from stock analysis and continue from it.” – Createwealth8888

Some DIY retail stock investors are still not very clear between Stock Analysis and Stock Investing.┬áMany are still stuck in the stage of Stock Analysis and didn’t really advance themselves into the stage of Stock Investing.

Knowledge, skills and mindset related to Stock Analysis and Stock Investing is different and require different approach.

Stock Analysis

Stock Analysis is about having a view on the market and/or a stock by either fundamental analysis or technical analysis or both.

Some may even throw in Hope Analysis in addition to FA and TA.

The end result of such analysis will be a trigger to buy or sell or hold decision on your stock or stocks in your portfolio.

Stock Investing

For retail stock investors, it is about using their limited investing capital to make net return to meet their investment goals over their investing life-cycle. Read more…