CapitaMall Trust has a few catalyst that will contribute to a higher DPU from 2011 onwards.

1. Purchase of Iluma Shopping Mall:

Given its strategic location next to Bugis Junction (the two malls are already connected by an overhead linkbridge) and by leveraging on its pro-active asset and lease management capabilities, there will be further opportunities to improve the occupancy rate, tenancy mix and utilisation of space at Iluma. 

In terms of rental upside, there’s 16.3% of immediate vacancy and 10.4% and 40% of leases are up for renewal in 2011 & 2012 respectively. Iluma presently attracts shopper traffic of more than 1m per month, compared to 3.2m at Bugis Junction. There is thus scope for more synergistic values to be created through the integration of Iluma with Bugis Junction, with a combined NLA of more than 606,000 sq ft – about the size of Ion …