This is an update of the Brokerage Information post.

Thank you thank you for your inputs so far. We have expanded to cover (hopefully) all the major retail brokerages in Singapore (I’m still pretty curious as to whether CLSA is open to the retail market as their website does not offer signups) and added a few more useful features:

This info is enough for us to also hand out two more awards:

  • MOST EXPENSIVE BROKERAGE – HSBC for their ridiculous 30bps rate with $35 minimum.
  • SHORT-SELLER’S FRIEND – UOBKH for having an unbeatable combination of low interest charge, high leverage, low margin, and no minimum collateral.

SCB Online Trading

I am in the process of opening an account with our newly crowned “CHEAPEST BROKERAGE IN SINGAPORE”, SCB (of course, I’m waaaay behind times – Isaac already covered this in detail a month ago