On Thursday, Sembmar re-test the critical support at $5.15 and closed at $5.20 with LOW volume of 1.77 million shares traded.

A black candle stick with long lower shadow similar to a hammer affirms that the support at $5.15 remains intact and investors are buying on dip.

Both RSI & MACD are bearish as RSI trend downwards.

Important Resistance of Sembmar: $5.30

Immediate Support of Sembmar: $5.15

Currently prices are resisted by 20 days MA at $5.30.

For the past 3 trading sessions, prices has been well supported at the $5.15.

The support at $5.15 is expected to be very strong and critical.

If this support give way, it will likely to trigger at high selling volume.

Can buy at $5.15 support level if interested and cut loss once this support is breached.

On Thursday, Noble re-test the support at …