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Congratulations, if you had and acted on it. There is no point reading and taking no further action. If you had been following, I had evidently been warning the audience with constant reminders of a market meltdown. While opportunity rose, tips are provided. You have to follow every post otherwise you may miss out on tips!

Is this blog beneficial? Briefly, you would have

·         Avoided the market meltdown since August 2011 – click here. Preserving your capital for a financial war.

·         Made small money when Indonesia was celebrating a golden week – click here. Some pocket money.

·         Made big money in Gold if you had shorted – click here. This is BIG! Updated Sep 26th, 430pm Singapore time. My speculation that Gold will fall to US$ 1,535 therabouts had been delivered. Since, it had rebounded to US 1,620. Were …