Drizzt: The Money Diary deals with tips and strategies to make better decisions with your money. It also deals with caveats/pitfalls in managing personal assets, debts, income and expenses.

The Money Diary: My financial planner/insurance agent make bad money decisions! prevent getting into debt

Most of us are often not trained to provide financial advice or understand financial planning from the on start. That is why we turn to a financial advisor to provide us so that we can gain clarity to make better financial decisions.

While I often do not hear of financial advisors falling into debts and not coming out of it, or financial advisors going bankrupt, I am not sure if poor financial decisions takes place even among those we least expect from happening.

Here is an article I cam across in the New York Times where a financial planner and author shares his deep shit story of how he lost his house. From this article, we can learn a few …