My Malaysian Stock Portfolio End November 2011

This is an update to my Malaysia Stock Portfolio for the Month end of November 2011. For previous months, please see

My Malaysia Stock Portfolio End October 2011

My Malaysia Stock Portfolio End September 2011

As you can see from my portfolio, I haven’t made much changes to it since last month. The only stock which I added to my portfolio was Pavilion REIT. Other than that, everything else stayed the same.

img stock portfolio malaysia end november 2011

Pavilion REIT – Pavilion REIT owns the high end Pavilion Mall which is undoubtably the most successful and popular mall in KL. Pavilion REIT is not considered a pure play retail REIT as it also has the Pavilion office tower, hence it is a retail/office hybrid. Occupancy rate is close 100%, with high end tenants including Gucci …