By now, many would have seen the advertisement of standard chartered bank BonusSaver splashed across the newspapers and internet.

They are giving 1.88%p.a. interest, when $500 is spent through mastercard each month.

Well, doing some calculation on my own and comparison, it wasn’t a deal that was very attractive to me as I could achieve the about the same returns through other banks, without the $500 spending criteria.

Anyway, what attracted me was not this. It was the finer print of giving $100 for placing an initial $50,000. This intrigued me and I went to ask the terms and conditions for this.

I was told there was no other terms and conditions! All I have to do was place $50,000, wait to be credited the $100 and I can withdraw everything. Though I realized that the account cannot be closed within 6 months and has a minimum maintenance …