Top 5 Property Projects by Monthly Price Increase in September

What residential projects had the highest appreciation this month? Knowing which properties are   increasing in price will help you spot potential hot areas of the property market. In this article, based on analysis done at, we will share the top five resale and subsale residential projects ranked by percentage price change in September 2012 from the previous month. Only projects with at least five transactions in each month are included in this analysis.

Use this list to find projects where prices are trending up strongly on a month-on-month basis. You can use this information profitably by either finding units in the same project that are still underpriced (i.e. have not reflected the pricing momentum), or to find neighbouring projects that are laggards in the expectation that they will play some sort of catch up.

5. The Estuary, +3.8%

 (All map screenshots are taken from …