Question on CPF Nomination is enough? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wilfred Ling    Thursday, 14 March 2013

Question: My wife does not work and she does not have her own CPF money. I make regular contribution to my spouse’s CPF account using the CPF Minimum Sum Scheme Top-up every year to save on taxes. Can I assume that if she makes a CPF Nomination, all her CPF money will go to whoever she nominates?

Answer: For cash and CPF top-ups made before 1 November 2008, the remaining top-up monies will be returned to the givers’ Ordinary Accounts (OA), capped at the principal top-up amounts.

Cash top-ups made on/after 1 November 2008 will be treated as cash gifts to the recipient. Any remaining cash top-ups will be paid to the recipient’s nominees based on his CPF nomination or will be transferred to the Public Trustee for distribution according to the intestacy laws if …