KrisEnergy announced its balloting results. The announcement is here.

Balloting Results – Public tranche

The balloting table is below. The public tranche was oversubscribed by 22.9x. 
It is not easy to get it. If you apply for 10 lots, your probability is 20%. The probability improved to 30% for those who applied for 50 lots and 40% for 100 lots.
You can see that those who applied for 100 lots will get the lion’s share of the public offer.
Directors’ and Investors who receive more than 5% of the Offering

First time i see the directors so “on” and so many of them applied for the shares. haha hope they are not “flippers”. :-P
Anyway, the investors who get more than 5% of the shares in the table above. Good to see Fidelity there.
Mr. IPO’s balloting results

Mr. IPO is pretty lucky this time. Got 18 lots …