November 1, 2013 · 0 comments

I hope the title did not startle you. It is indeed a slow week for me. However a gain is still a gain.

Let me post some questions for you to ponder:
Do you currently own Gold/Silver? (Why not?)
Do you have an Investment Property? (Why not?)
Are you invested in equities/derivatives (For Capital and Dividends)? (Why not?)
Do you have the knowledge to trade the market for huge gains? (Enough to make money?)

Are you always looking to your next monthly salary? (Money never enough?)
Are you looking for the next holy grail? (You are the best holy grail!!)
Are you looking for ways to make more money but not willing to put in the effort?
(Reality: There is no shortcut – only hard/smart work and commitments)


SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes Everyone a Smooth Growing WarChest!!

Remember to grab the opportunity in 2015. Cheers!!