This discussion thread is for sharing good lobangs with the forumers here. Please feel free to contribute any good lobangs that you had come across.In the current low sale-volume climate, we foresee many developers’ projects going to drop prices soon – especially for those unsold units that are near, or have even passed, their T.O.P dates. In fact, some have already dropped prices. I shall start by contributing here:
27 July 2014

1) Vermont on CairnhillCairnhill Rise (D09)FreeholdJust T.O.P.Many units went by more than half-million dollars discounts Results: 31 units out of the last 34 units were sold in 2 weeks upon the start of the discount program.Currently left with only 3 units of 3BR.From $2.691m, or $2016psf nett.

2) WhitehavenPasir Panjang Road (D05)FreeholdLast unit of 4BR DK ($1530psf) and 12 units of …