The Ministry of Manpower’s Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) seems to be having its desired impact as more than 56,000 jobs have been listed on the National Jobs Bank, the final piece of the FCF rollout since it was announced in September 2013.

This compares to over 51,000 jobs listed on commercial site and 26,000 on JobsDB. PMEs make up nearly half of Singapore’s workforce and the Ministry of Manpower has said that this will help build a “strong Singaporean core” of PMEs.

Fair Consideration Framework

Administered by the Workforce Development Agency, the National Jobs Bank lists local job vacancies for free, and is part of the FCF’s requirement for firms looking to hire Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs), particularly those who will need an Employment Pass to work in Singapore. Companies with less than 25 staff are exempt, as are positions paying more than $12,000 a month and some …