(Not vested) This blog is about why I didn’t move on with a possible purchase.

I owned Techcomp shares in the 2010-11. Made some capital gain about 20% in 1 year holding period.

On and off, I did look at Techcomp. It has a good qualatative story. Distributor and manufacturer of Analytical and medical equipments, in the 2009-2011, the growth story was the expansion of manufacturing arm and the acquistion of European company for technological advances and to break into the Europe markets. The food scares in China and the ramp up in health care spending are supposed to be big catalysts for its products.

It has never really turn around the Europe business but managed limp around ok. It’s first major problem come when Sino-Japanese relations took a turn for the worse, and being a distributor for a number of Japanese products, business was affected.

There …