My reasons of not buying into the current
Singapore Stock Market  are really simple.
(Also for those who are not profitable in their trades now)

  1. A peak which I personally call it.
    2. Little Gains vs Lots of Risk

Yes, the market may go up by another 10% (maybe) and
maybe you have the ability to choose some good stocks and make some money.
For me, its definitely hands-off.  I am never in the idea to make “some” money.


I would rather build up my warchest
and make huge money when opportunity arises!!

Its like buying into the property market at a “peak”
with lots of uncertainties and worries.

Why not aggressively build up your warchest during this period,
wait and buy in at half the peak and make tons of money?


For those “itchy hands”, I am making my $$$ in the US market right now!!

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