Name Shares Average Price
1. SembCorp Industries 4000 $4.82
2. ST Engg 3000 $3.53
3. Raffles Medical 3000 $3.86
4. Keppel DC REIT 5000 $1.03
5. Silverlake Axis 2000 $1.24

Total dividends (2015): $120
Average monthly dividends (2015): $10

Sheng Siong Group has skyrocketed to $0.80 in recent weeks, I decided to divest all my Sheng Siong shares with a capital gain of approximately 20%. Unless its China venture and online grocery unit take off in a big way, $0.80 is a fair value in my opinion. Besides taking some profits off the table ,¬†I am looking forward to¬†collecting $120 in dividends from Raffles Medical Group this month. The ‘Sell in May and Go Away’ effect is around the corner, but I prefer to ‘Buy in May and Stay Stay Stay’. ^^

I would like to thank Mr Lee Kuan Yew for …