It has been a while since last post. Last few months, I was following more with China and HK stock markets and Forex markets. It was very exciting and I learnt a lot: made some gains; dodged some bullets; suffered some loss. Now I have closed almost all positions in HK/China market and withdrew most of funds out of Forex account with only a small sum left for trading. But my largest asset allocation is still and always in local stock market, especially in REITs and other dividend stocks.

I made a calculation.
YTD return for trading in HK/SH stocks was 22% with high volatility.
YTD return for Forex trading was only 2%. ( it reached 58% in March, but suffered great loss in Apr when the market turned. Indescribable experience!)
YTD return to my dividend income portfolio is 12%. Main contributors are CMH Pacific, FCT, and MGCCT.(See …