No matters how.

For insurance matters, we always like to think we are right at the start and along the way; but it is only near to our grave or already has one leg in our coffin then we will know we are about right or far off from being right.

How about insurance?

Technically; it is about protection of assets and to cover liabilities i.e. why we pay premiums. But, emotionally, we use LIFE insurance to cover liabilities.

Why? Emotion!!! We are sold emotionally on the need to protect liabilities andcheapness to do so.

Over the years Uncle8888 has no LIFE insurance coverage for his three children and his stay-at-home-wife. They are liabilities. They are not assets to be protected.

After Mar 2016; Uncle8888 will have no more LIFE insurance protection. When he was at his 30s; he has already thought out carefully and knew very …