Recently, I got an email from a reader who shared a heart-to-heart account with me about the financial troubles he was experiencing.  He was feeling lost in Singapore, our first world country that is supposedly able to provide a comfortable life and opportunities for all.  The pace of our country’s progress, however, is fast and unforgiving.  Lag behind and get spit out of this highly-efficient wheel.  Here’s the email that he shared with me:

Feeling Lost


Hi there I happen to chance upon your website when I was googling for
some advice. You see I am 25 this year worked 3 years as a security
due to having only N level and now back to square one Jobless and 0
savings. A mistake that I regretted alot. I also tried affiliates
marketting and ways to make income online such as invest in hyip and
clickbank. But I …