• Singapore’s Smart Nation Program is progressing steadily and the two key ministers to look out for are Yaacob Ibrahim and Vivian Balakrishnan for new developments in the news
  • Latest stage would involve logistics and health care as new frontiers are being pushed for the private sector. For the public sector, there are plans are for sensors and AG Boxes for city management.
  • M1 and ST Engineering are likely winners. M1 participated in the trials last year at Jurong District. ST Engineering has already produced a customized product and have past experience.
  • Only time will tell if M1 and ST Engineering will go the way of Hyflux’s success story or flop like OpenNet

Singapore is making steady progress for its Smart Nation Program ever since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced it last November as noted in my previous article. The exciting development just two months back was how Singapore was …