I believe this topic will touch the heartstrings of many people, especially those of my age(21). We all have that few friends who never seem to be able to save. This caused me to ponder about why it’s natural for some to save and others find it a challenge.

Reflecting, I realise that this has quite a bit to do with (1)Habit, (2)Lifestyle, and (3)Ability to put off temptation.


Habit is one of the easiest trick to inculcate, either by self-discipline or under the supervision of others. When it comes to saving money, I realised that my parents have done a great job at inculcating it in me. It’s not a fool-proof plan, but it worked for me. So parents out there, and a reminder to myself when I have children in the future, start early. It’s always been emphasised to start early because that’s when children are most …