So I went to an Interior Designer (ID) fair last weekend, which was a pretty cool idea: Having a whole bunch of IDs together in a single venue, providing the opportunity to talk to several in a single day and make better comparisons.

Background: My fiancee and I just bought a resale flat, so we’re looking for a good ID to spruce it up. We have the floorplan, a very rough idea what we wanted (Scandinavian/Eclectic with a creative space), but we’re on the lookout for a good ID to recommend some awesomesauce designs.

Most of the IDs we spoke to were great, but we had a conversation with a particular one which went something like this:

ID: Sooooo… what are you looking for in your kitchen?

Me: Well, we’d like to separate our wet and dry kitchen, but other than that we’re open to ideas that will fit the overall …